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In 1879 , at the age of 16, Maximillian (Max) Skladanowsky learned the craft of the magic lantern, during presentations of the so called, Nebule Pictures of his father Carl. These 'pictures' were magic lantern shows of natural disasters, which he showcased at different venues around Germany.

In 1892, Max, together with his brother Emil and their father, has created a camera and projector in one (a chronophotographic device). They called it "Bioskop". Their first movie, which was made with George Eastman's Kodak film, was a total of 48 frames.


On November 21, 1895 the Skladanowsky brothers unveiled their 'Bioskop' at the Wintergarten Hall in Berlin, what was going to be 'The first official filmscreening in Europe'.


 The screening consisted of 8 shortfilms, projected at a rate of 16 frames per second, with a total duration of 5 minutes, played in a loop:  "Italienischer Bauerntanz" (Two children dancing), "Komisches Reck" (Trapeze swinger), "Das boxende Känguruh" (A boxing kangaroo), "Der Jongleur" (A Juggler), "Akrobatisches Potpourri" (Acrobats ),"Kamarinskaja" (a Russian dance ), "Die Serpentintänzerin" (A dance), "Ringkämpfer" (The first filmed boxing game), "Apotheose" (The brothers bowing before the audience)



Unfortunatly the "Bioskop" could not compete with what was coming out of England, France (Lumière Brothers) and the US and would eventually be forgotten by time...


That is why we have chosen for "Skladanowsky", to give them to honor they deserve. 

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